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Whisky Epoxy River Table with Custom, Rustic Base

Materials & Dimensions

This black walnut, whisky, epoxy river table with a custom, live-edge base will make your dining room the classiest spot in the neighborhood.


Category: Epoxy Tables, Dining, River Table


Table: 51”W x 96”L x 32”T x 2”Thick


Black Walnut Slabs

Rustic Steel

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

Whisky Colored Epoxy Pigment

When I first ran across these bookmatched slabs of black walnut, I knew there was a river table waiting to be born. I visualize this dining table as the centerpiece in someone’s home…a place where friends and family gather; a backdrop for holiday photos and ultimately, an heirloom that will be passed down to the kids and grandkids.

I chose whiskey colored resin for the river to highlight the warm brown tones of the wood itself. I also had enough wood to design and cut the trestle legs from the same material I used for the table’s top. With five layers of crystal clear epoxy resin, the distinct grain of the wood really pops! Large tables like this one can be quite heavy which is why I reinforced the trestle base by connecting the legs with one inch steel bars strong enough to anchor buildings into the ground. The bars themselves are functional but also add contrasting color and another rustic design element.

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