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IB Woodworks || Ianthus Barlow

Handcrafted furnishings today.

Heirlooms tomorrow.

At IB Woodworks, we embrace true craftsmanship by pouring our heart and soul into every piece of furniture we create. The result of our dedication to doing good work is furniture that is functional, beautiful and will stand the test of time.

Previous Commissions
Sapphire blue epoxy walnut table and tables with custom metalwork

IB Woodworks aims to satisfy - here is what happy clients are saying:

Amazing Masterpiece – Better Than Imagined!

From start to finish I knew I could depend on Izzy’s talent. He was professional and answered any questions I had, and even walked me through each part of the process. I felt involved every step of the way, and I received numerous updates during development! He also made sure I felt confident that my ideas would work out and would look great. My custom table is unique it’s definitely a masterpiece, it looks amazing and it’s even better then I imagined it! Thank you for making my dream table come true.


Tyrone Barlow

Imaginative and Exacting Eye

Ianthus does quality, custom work and has an imaginative and exacting eye for detail. I love my cash counter, which he helped me conceptualize in only half an hour. He uses the finest materials and it shows!
IB Woodworks has built 3 custom bar tops  and 8 dining tables for our restaurant. Ianthus Barlow took the time to help me create my vision as well as adding to it with creativity and knowledge, making sure I got exactly what I wanted. The quality and customization for the price is unmatched. IB Woodworks will always be our first pick whenever we are in the market for unique and beautiful furniture.

Tanya Mills

More Beautiful Than Imagined

I had an idea for a coffee table and Ianthus made it more beautiful then I could have imagined. He has also created several displays for my jewelry business that tend to steal the spotlight. I would recommend IB Woodworks to anyone who is looking for unique, one of a kind, handmade furniture.

Kylee B, Murray, Utah.

Excellent Work!

My little one received a beautifully hand crafted step stool for her birthday.  It is extremely durable, and functional.  The quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable. I would highly recommend anything built by Ianthus. Excellent work!

Kaylee W, Sandy UT

Craftsmanship and Imagination Goes Above and Beyond

Ianthus’s craftsmanship and imagination goes above and beyond without compromising on quality. The furniture he makes is unique and beautiful and  will surely last a lifetime. I could not be more satisfied how my piece turned out. Highly recommended.

Carl R, Kearns, UT

Exactly What We Wanted

We ordered a set of bedside tables, looking for something unique, that would add character to our bedroom and good quality. The pieces Ianthus made for us do that and much more. They are exactly what we wanted and Ianthus was super helpful during the design process to put our ideas on paper. We will definitely come back to him for future projects.


Megan Welsh, South Salt Lake City

Beautiful Heirloom – Amazing Work

Thank you for taking a bleached out 40+ year old slab of black walnut and turning it into a beautiful heirloom set of tables. We really appreciate how you listened to what we wanted and created these tables to be used together or separate. Can’t wait for our kids to see them.
You do amazing work, just wish we had a before picture to include.
Wayne Ragan

Incredibly Talented

The incredibly talented Izzy with has done it again. He created this masterpiece from the trees they felled at Lauritzen Park due to bark beetles. His meticulous attention to detail puts him at the top of his nidustry. Thank. you! Thank you Izzy! Many decisions for building and growing our beautiful city will be made around this table. Here’s to history in the making, and being a part of it.
Donia Jessop


LOVE THIS [cutting board]!! Looks cute on my counter!! I love that you can go from the oven straight to the serving board!! When cutting the ham, it was nice having the handle to turn the whole thing to carve it!! It made it so much easier!! Thank you Ianthus Barlow!! IB Woodworks.
Edwin Nicole Barlow

Highly Recommended

Check out this beautiful 100% Wood Black Walnut cutting board I won. I highly recommend IB Woodworks
Shantell Jessop

Our aim is to build furniture that lasts for generations.

Our finely crafted furniture has both character and staying power making them “heirlooms in the making.” We design our furnishings to add a strong sense of style and purpose to a room by bringing the warmth and beauty of the natural world indoors.

Gather your family around one of our rustic style dining tables and you’ll not only appreciate a superior product, you’ll savor our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

Furniture that fits like a dream.

Having a custom furniture maker is a bit like having a custom tailor – You get functional, stylish furniture that has been customized to fit your space perfectly while at the same time, you are spared the misery of trudging through overgrown furniture stores only to feel frustrated by the unimaginative offerings and high prices on substandard work.

At IB Woodworks, we understand there’s nothing more satisfying than showcasing a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that’s been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to fit your lifestyle. Our designers are here to share their expertise and advise you on things like wood selection, style matching, color pallets, unusual shapes, functionality, and after care.

Let’s Start a Conversation

We’ve furnished many homes and businesses in Southern Utah and have the know-how to bring out the best in your space.