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IB Woodworks || Ianthus Barlow

Handcrafted furnishings today.

Heirlooms tomorrow.

At IB Woodworks, we embrace true craftsmanship by pouring our heart and soul into every piece of furniture we create. The result of our dedication to doing good work is furniture that is functional, beautiful and will stand the test of time.

Previous Commissions
Sapphire blue epoxy walnut table and tables with custom metalwork

Our aim is to build furniture that lasts for generations.

Our finely crafted furniture has both character and staying power making them “heirlooms in the making.” We design our furnishings to add a strong sense of style and purpose to a room by bringing the warmth and beauty of the natural world indoors.

Gather your family around one of our rustic style dining tables and you’ll not only appreciate a superior product, you’ll savor our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

Furniture that fits like a dream.

Having a custom furniture maker is a bit like having a custom tailor – You get functional, stylish furniture that has been customized to fit your space perfectly while at the same time, you are spared the misery of trudging through overgrown furniture stores only to feel frustrated by the unimaginative offerings and high prices on substandard work.

At IB Woodworks, we understand there’s nothing more satisfying than showcasing a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that’s been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to fit your lifestyle. Our designers are here to share their expertise and advise you on things like wood selection, style matching, color pallets, unusual shapes, functionality, and after care.

Let’s Start a Conversation

We’ve furnished many homes and businesses in Southern Utah and have the know-how to bring out the best in your space.