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The sun doesn’t shine till I get to create something original.”

Ianthus Barlow

At IB Woodworks, our enthusiasm for making timeless furniture is heart-felt.

We use time-honored, joinery techniques to build consummate pieces in a variety of American Artisan and Rustic styles. We challenge ourselves to continually break new ground – to create fine wood furniture that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Ianthus Barlow

For Ianthus Barlow, there’s nothing more “Zen” than the process of designing and creating a beautiful piece of timeless furniture. He‘s a master woodworker in-the-making who began his apprenticeship as a young teenager. Ianthus first learned the art of cabinetry making from his father. As a young man, he aspired to learn more and began working in the construction industry where he mastered every job he took on. He’s lived in many different states and seized on every opportunity to grow his talents as a custom-builder.

Over the years, Ianthus’s career in woodworking progressed organically and eventually brought him full circle, back to his hometown and back to his roots. He founded IB Woodworking in 2015 and is growing his company with the same enthusiasm he brings to any project.

Ianthus is the antidote to humdrum, mass-produced furniture. In his own words, “The sun doesn’t shine till I get to create something original.” He’s especially passionate about breathing new life into reclaimed pieces of wood. To Ianthus, a rough slab of wood is his blank canvas; it’s what inspires him to stretch his imagination and reach for new heights.

Custom work is our speciality

We’ve furnished many homes and businesses in Southern Utah and have the know-how to bring out the best in your space.