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Original Custom Furniture

Crafted By Real Hands

Murphy Wall-Bed with Wrap-Around Shelves

Materials & Dimensions

Categories: Bedroom, Spare Room, Shelving, Convertible Furniture

Style: Shabby Chic, Antique, Vintage, Rustic

Standard Queen Size Bed

102”W x 102”L  x 16”D


Sanded Pine – 7 Ply

2” x 4” Solid Pine

Murphy® Wall-Beds Folding Kit

Rich Black Stain

Satin Conversion Varnish Finish.

Adjustable Shelves

This modern wall-bed cleverly marries form and function. The shabby-chic, wrap-around cabinetry

combines sleek lines with distressed surfaces and rich, dark-tones. There’s ample shelving and storage, making it a perfect solution for a spare room or den. Everything gets tucked away into the larger storage unit when the bed is folded, including the bedding itself. The space saving design does not skimp on comfort. You can add your favorite queen size mattress up to 10 inches thick for a great night’s sleep. The Murphy® Wall-Beds folding hardware makes this unit glide like a dream. It’s easy to pull out and put away, plus the hardware comes with a 25 year guarantee. This design can be modified to fit either a vertical or horizontal space.

Ianthus Speaks

The solid construction of this wall-bed is as sturdy as they come. This furniture started as a custom design. We built the wall-to-wall unit on-site using sanded plywood and solid 2×4 pine. The wrap around design provides plenty of open shelving plus enclosed storage at the bottom.

We added our special touch by distressing the smooth surfaces of the wood using old saw blades and some worn out tools. Once we had it thrashed with just the right amount of blemishes, the entire cabinet was stained in a rich black color and then finished with durable satin conversion varnish. We chose the best folding frame on the market to ensure many years of use, no matter where the bed is installed. This design is not only scalable, it can be modified as a horizontal version or built for smaller mattress sizes.  

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