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Original Custom Furniture

Crafted By Real Hands

Custom Commercial Desks

Materials & Dimensions


52”H x 30”H x 58”D x 90”W


Sanded Pine – 7 Ply





Reception Desk, Commercial Desk, Reception Counter


Urban Chic, Shabby Chic, Industrial, Modern, Country Cottage, Farmhouse, Rustic

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Paint

Reception Desk for the Muses

This Urban Chic looking reception counter is rich with tones of browns and grays. The barnwood planks, made from engineered wood, provide a snag-free, splinter-free textured surface that is great for a busy office. Grey hammered metal tops are finished with smooth epoxy and trimmed with raw steel corners keeping the surfaces safe from spills.

This desk may look rustic but it’s wired with CAT5 and has outlet stations in two convenient locations. The taller ends counters provide privacy behind the wrap around desk where two receptionists can comfortably work. Designed to split into two separate pieces, this desk floats on heavy duty casters for easy transport. The design is scalable and can be custom fit for your space.

Ianthus Speaks:

I should have known when I walked into Tenth Muse Design that something magical was about to happen; something way more exciting and fun than just another office remodel. After all, when there’s an office full of Muses, inspiration tends to permeate the walls.

During a conversation with Zach, the CEO, I discovered the company was searching for a custom furniture builder –  someone who could design, build, deliver and install a reception desk within 90 days.

Zach told me straight out, they wanted a piece of furniture that reflected the strength and passion of their company. After showing off my portfolio to the entire muse team, I was hired to create their front office masterpiece.

Muses tend to know a thing or two about color, style and design so it didn’t take long to sketch out their vision. The final design took more thought and planning but it was well worth the time invested to come up with something that was stylish and functional. The biggest challenge was making sure the desk could be moved in and out of their reception area once it was ready for installation. That issue was resolved by building the desk in two separate pieces and employing heavy duty casters to easily move the heavy sections.

The installation was super easy and when the client is ready for their next expansion, the custom reception desk can move with them.

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