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Black Walnut River Wall Art

Materials & Dimensions

Category: Living room, office, river table, epoxy, wall art, ready for purchase


32W” x 40L” x 1.25” thick


Black Walnut

Sandstone Rocks

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Aqua Pearl Pigment

Aqua Glow Powder

Black Walnut River Wall Art

Beautiful black walnut, live edge slabs were hand selected and paired to create this flowing river wall art.  Aqua powder adds just a tint of color in the river. A great addition to home or office when you want to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.


Ianthus Speaks:

This was one of my very first river projects. I started by matching two slabs of rough-edge black walnut. I laid them side by side then arranged red sandstones I’d harvested in Maxwell Park, near Zion National Park. The river contains an aqua-blue glow powder with an aqua pearl pigment. I added these first before pouring a thin layer of opaque epoxy resin around the rocks. Once that setup and dried, I completed the river with crystal clear resin, flooding it over the top and down the sides.


Available Now: $1,499.99

Category: Living room, office, river table, epoxy, wall art, ready for purchase

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Commission Me

I had an idea for a coffee table that had a river flowing through it, and what IB Woodworks created was better then I could have ever imagined. It’s the centerpiece to my home and I am constantly getting compliments on how beautifully handcrafted it is and how well made it is. IB Woodworks has made several other display pieces for my jewelry business and I am always in awe of the beautiful designs he is constantly coming up with.

Kylee Buck