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Original Custom Furniture

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Cherrywood Triple Waterfall Coffee Table

Materials & Dimensions


18”H x 34”L x 34”W



¼” Clear Glass

Epoxy Resin Finish

Cherrywood Triple Waterfall Coffee Table

This gorgeous coffee table is a showpiece in any room. It has been masterfully cut from solid cherrywood, the “darling” of furniture hardwood. The smooth wood grain flows continuously from the table’s thick, 3-inch-top, down through each of the three-wide legs, then spills onto the floor. This visual waterfall effect is enhanced by ¼” glass pieces inset into the slab’s coves and creating the feel of clear infinity pools, floating between the cascading wood grain.

Proper aging of the wood is evident in the richness of the red and brown hues. Three darker-colored, cherrywood dovetails are in-laid, adding yet another layer of personality to this finely crafted table. The final finish is five layers of clear epoxy resin to protect and enhance the wood’s natural beauty.


Ianthus Speaks:

There was a time when IB Woodworks was just a hobby for me. I made my living by remodeling houses and dreaming of the day when making furniture could become my full-time occupation. Looking back, I realize those years of restoring houses brought many gifts, including this fine piece of cherrywood.

I acquired this slab of wood while remodeling a home in northern Utah. The owner of the property just couldn’t imagine a cherry tree growing inside his new master bedroom and to him, she was just a tree.

The task of removing the tree fell to me, no pun intended.

Now, I could have hauled the massive trunk off to the landfill but I was already imagining this beauty as something brand new. She was more than a tree and had the potential to live forever if someone with the right skills was willing to invest a little time and love into her.

I opted to take her home instead of to the landfill.

Once home, I slabbed her into some nice pieces and left her to cure for the next three years while I went about my other job. She aged well. When I finally began bringing her back to life, the design I envisioned from the first day I saw her was as fresh as when I brought her home. I began breathing new life into this lovely piece of wood. Six months later, she’s complete and ready for her new home!  

This is a one-of-a-kind table that will last for generations to come.

Buy in now for: $2,499.99.

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